We’ve Updated the CRM’s Look and Feel to Improve Navigation

on January 20, 2017

TieiT is rolling out new updates to improve navigation in the CRM section.  This means we are making things more efficient for our TieiT users.

Why did we decide to make these updates?

We realized that TieiT is too big of an application that was requiring users to go back and forth by navigating using the left side menu only. We wanted to make it easier for users to switch to other screens or go back to a recent contact or deal quickly.

Here is a quick outline of what to expect from our latest update: (for more details on each section, keep scrolling)

Top Navigation Menu for easier navigation

Contact Details Page. We heard you loud and clear! We have now added the Deal view within the Contact details page along with a new top menu so you can add more data.

Deal Details Page. Now you can associate more than one Contact to a Deal and assign roles.

New Company Listing to include grid and custom views functionality.

Company Details Page. We made this more robust just like our Company and Deal details pages.


Top Navigation Menu

Introducing the top menu bar. The top menu will now help you navigate to other pages as well as go back quickly to view your recent activity.

The purpose of the top menu bar is to increase efficiency with navigating throughout the full application.

TieiT - New Navigation


What can you do with the Top Navigation Menu?

When you hover over one of the options in the top navigation menu, you will see the following actions:

– Search field to quickly search for records within that option.

– Listing of recently viewed records (i.e. recently viewed Contact or Company, or a recently viewed Deal).

– Listing of Recent Views. TieiT offers powerful saved views that help you see data the way you want. Now from the top menu, you can quickly go back to a recent view that you reviewed.


New Contact Details Page

We did a lot of analysis of how users were navigating through the CRM. We used heat maps, looked at analytical data and most importantly, spoke to you to get your feedback. We used all this data to restructure the Contact and Deal details pages.

Let’s go over the user interface and functionality updates on the Contact details page. The new Contact details page makes it easier to get to your data and take quick actions.

New Contact Details Page

The screenshot above, highlights the two main sections on the Contact details page that will now help you to see all relevant data and details for each contact.

1. Contact Card

Not much has changed on the Contact Card, besides us moving some of the tabs over to the other menu for easier navigation.

From the Contact Card, you will still be able to see relevant information for each Contact such as contact info, activity related details (source, first and last touch dates), as well as easily move Contacts to Groups and Lists.

2. Contact Details Page – Top Menu

The new menu at the top of your Timeline is now made up of the Timeline, Details, Deals and Attachments.

The Timeline tab listing functionality has not changed. The Timeline will still consist of every activity, note and task you have ever had with the Contact or Deal. At the top of the Timeline, the advanced search functionality will still exist for you to search by keyword, activity type and/or by date.

The Details tab is where you go to see all the information about that specific contact. From here, you can add / modify data about the contact. This tab has now replaced the editing page that we used to take users to in order to edit a Contact’s information. Now you will easily be able to make quick edits by clicking on the Details tab.

The Deals tab has been added to the Contact details page based on user request. This is something that many users requested becuase they wanted to be able to see relevant deal information without having to navigate away from the Contact details page. Now don’t get confused, because the Deal details page still exists. All of the activities, notes and tasks for any particular Deal will now also be displayed under this Deal tab on the Contact Details page. However, if you still like the stand alone Deal view and want to see more data related to the Deal, than you can still navigate to the complete Deal details page.

The Attachments tab has now been moved to this menu instead of on the Contact card.  All attachments associated with the contact can be easily viewed from here. You can also upload attachments by dragging it to the specified space.

New Deal Details Page

We’re giving you more actionable data on one screen!

TieiT - New Deal Details Page


1. Deal Card

The new Deal Card has all relevant deal information available at a quick glance, such as Created Date, Expected Close Date, Deal Assignee and Deal Value. The Deal card will also display the Primary Contact Details as well as Upcoming Activities.

2. Deal Details Page – Top Menu

The Timeline / Pipeline tab. You can quickly toggle between the Timeline and Pipeline view by clicking on the first menu item to see the view that you prefer.

*NEW FEATURE* The Contacts tab. Do you have more than one Contact associated to a Deal? The new Contacts tab will display all the other Contacts that are associated to a Deal. From this tab, you can also add / remove contacts, specify who the primary contact is and indicate the role each contact plays in the Deal.

The Details tab. The details tab is similar to the Contact Details tab. It gives you the full information about the Deal. From here, you can add / modify more information, have another place to change the Deal’s Pipeline, Stage and more.

The Attachments tab. Quickly see all attachments associated with a Deal here.


New Company Listing and Company Details Page

We always felt that the Company details page in TieiT were not as robust as the Contact details page.

We added the advanced Grids that our users use on the Contact and Deal listing page now to the Company Listing page as well.

But that’s not it, we have also brought the same enhancements that Contacts and Deals has to the Company Details pages.

What will you see on the new Company Details Page?

1. Company Card

The Company Card will display key information about the Company, including Activity details, contact info and a description for you to add.

2. Company Details Page – Top Menu

The Timeline tab. This tab will allow you to view all open Activities for any Contact associated with the Company.

The Contacts tab. This view will list all of the Contacts who are associated with the Company. You will also now be able to identify if this Contact has a Direct or Indirect relationship with the Company. What we find is there are many times consultants are outside of the company who may work with a company but have an indirect relationship. This is where this comes in useful. You will also now be able to associate a role to the Contact within the Company.

The Deals tab. View all open, won, lost or closed Deals that are associated to that Company.

The Attachments tab. This is a new feature now available on the Company Details page. Now you can upload attachments directly to a Company record and view it from here.

All in all, we hope you’ll enjoy this series of TieiT features and UI updates. We also hope you’ll continue to send in your feedback and share your thoughts with us so we can keep making TieiT the best!


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