TieiT’s New Built-in Scheduling App

on April 20, 2017

Scheduling meetings, webinars, demos and events can be very cumbersome. It involves a lot of email and phone tag.

We took on the challenge to simplify that for our TieiT users.

Now you can have a fully integrated, powerful scheduling app within TieiT. As you know, TieiT’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for our users to sign up, pay and learn how to use any other additional applications.

TieiT’s new scheduling app is fully integrated so it knows when you schedule a meeting with a Contact or Lead and automatically removes that available time from the public interface.


TieiT’s Build-in Scheduling App has the following features:


1. Create a Single Event or a Multi-User Event (Webinars, Events, etc)

2. Create different Event Calendars for various services you offer. This is a good way to structure the week. For example, if you offer free 30 minute consultations that you would only like to offer on certain days and times. So you can create one calendar link to send to your leads for your free consultations that will only show your availability between 2pm and 5pm on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s with a 30 minute duration only. And another calendar link to send to your clients for your regular meetings on the other days and times but with a longer duration slot.

TieiT will automatically keep track of the bookings and mark times that you are not available off. Your day is now streamlined and you can compartmentalize meetings based on your productive zone.


Scheduling App


3. Add a different logo / profile image (or TieiT will automatically use your profile image) and add a description for each meeting.

4. Define the location of the meeting.

5. Define what form fields the user has to fill out so you have the appropriate information that you need before the meeting.

6. An automated email with the date and time of the meeting will be sent to your users with a reminder.


Customize TieiT’s Scheduling App the way you like it with these additional bonus features:


1. Define the maximum number of bookings per day. This way, even if you have your availability for 9am – 5pm, you can set it so you only have 5 meetings per day. Once 5 meetings have been booked in a day, your calendar will automatically change to not available so no one else can book a time on that day.

2. Define a minimum scheduling notice for all your meetings. I used to hate being booked for a meeting on my calendar just with a 30 minute notice. With the TieiT Scheduling app, you can define the minimum scheduling notice. For example, you can set that you want a 3 hour notice before any meetings are booked on your calendar.

3. You can also set a maximum scheduling limit. So users cannot book something on your calendar too far in advance.

4. You can even define Blackout Dates. There will be times where you may be away on vacation or at a conference. So for this reason, we added Blackout Dates that you can define.

5. We even added a little Buffer time feature. So this way you can define a buffer period where users cannot book a meeting in between other meetings. Use it to get a 10 minute break before your next meeting!

6. Finally, define a break time – maybe it is a lunch break that you take. So during that time, it will not allow anyone to book a time.


Screenshot 2017-04-20 15.03.36


We are really excited about the new TieiT scheduling app because it not only makes it more convenient for our users to have their Contacts and Leads schedule a time on their calendar, but by having it built-in to TieiT, we are also able to save our users more time – something we take very seriously around here!

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