TieiT Launches New App Customization Preferences

on December 15, 2017

Since the creation of TieiT, our vision has always been to bring together data and teams into one system. We knew that businesses were struggling to manage their sales, marketing and billing because they were trying to manage their business out of multiple different applications which is not streamlined or effective. As a result, TieiT was created to allow our users to manage all aspects of their business on one platform, from lead flow, deal management, email marketing, social media, scheduling, invoicing and more.

As TieiT’s user base grew, we were facing more demand from our users who were requesting more functionality and modules to be added in order to continue to eliminate the need for other systems. For example, our TieiT users no longer wanted to login to Outlook to send and receive email. Instead, they wanted the ability to check their email from within TieiT as well. And with TieiT’s two-way-email sync functionality, we were able to easily add a new Inbox feature that allows our users to send and receive emails from within TieiT directly.

Our goals of how we envisioned TieiT being used in a business was becoming a reality. But this of course meant more feedback from our users, which we always love to hear! This time, our users wanted the ability to customize TieiT’s in-app and page loading preferences so they can define which page in the app they prefer to load upon login. This feature helps with managing different teams in TieiT because now the marketing team who manages the social media, email marketing, drip campaigns and more, can select which of the modules they more frequently use as their default loading page since they may not be as active in the CRM. And on the other side, each sales person will now be able to define if they prefer the Contacts Listing Page, Companies Listing Page or the Deals Listing Page to load first, depending on which module in the app they prefer to manage their leads from.

We also added additional options for our users to customize within the app including:

> Activities Dashboard

>> Selecting the default calendar view and display options

>> The number of listings to display at a time


>> Loading options for both the Contacts and Companies Listing View pages

> Deal Management

>> Customizing the Deal View to display the Deal Pipeline or Timeline depending on the user’s preference

> Social Media

>> Specify the profile views to better manage various social media campaigns

> Transactions

>> Selecting from different reports and allowing the Transactions module to load upon login


These additional features are allowing users to customize their TieiT account to make it their own so they can function more effectively and efficiently.

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