The TieiT Dating Game: Finding our Perfect Match

on May 7, 2015

When we first started planning TieiT, we began with the basics – who are we creating TieiT for?


We started to build personas, client stories and listed out all the different vertical markets that would benefit from TieiT.


But that conversation went on for hours, and then days and then weeks.


We kept on thinking of different potential clients and markets that would benefit from TieiT and we kept on adding to the already long list.


There are so many different verticals that we can approach – all with similar needs and problems that TieiT could help solve.


So what do we do next?


Do we force ourselves to narrow it down to the top 3?


But then how do we pick the top 3?


Do we base it on which industry will pay the most? Nope, because one thing we knew was that TieiT was going to be affordable for our users.


As small business owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to justify spending your earnings on a piece of software; so we wanted to make sure our users felt comfortable in spending a monthly amount that wasn’t going to break the bank.


Ok, so do we determine it based on our competitors? Go where our competitors haven’t gone yet? Well one thing we knew is that we are not the first players up to the plate with this type of software and we surely weren’t going to be the last. (To read why we decided to get into this market – click here).


So we didn’t want to make any big decisions based on our competitors.


This was looking to be a very difficult decision.


If only every software had a type (blondes = auto, brunettes = restaurants, blue eyes = service industry – you get where i’m going with this).

TieiT Dating Game

So in the end, again, after weeks of LONG discussions, we decided to design TieiT to make it universal for all small businesses and entrepreneurs who were all facing the same types of problems.


Now this is not to say that TieiT is made for everyone and will be the right software for every business.


Finding the right software is like finding the right pair of shoes – it has to fit, has to be comfortable and something that you both want and need. (For more information on finding the right software for your business, click here).


Now, don’t hold me to this blog because you never know what’s going to happen when we get TieiT into more and more of our users hands.
We may in fact find our niche and our perfect match down the road. We may find an industry where our features, modules, UI/UX fits just right for a particular industry – you know what they say – if the shoe fits!

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