Our Journey to TieiT

on April 30, 2015

In 2008, we (like many others) decided to take a crack at starting our own web design firm. We wanted to stand out, so we didn’t just brand ourselves as being a ‘web design agency’, we branded ourselves as an ‘online marketing boutique’ (when we look back now, this wasn’t one of our brightest moments).


Despite our lack of creative branding, we slowly began to build up a client base of small businesses starting with a simple web design, then eCommerce sites and then eventually getting into offering search engine optimization.


This was all well and good, but where I really wanted to take the company to was software development. It was my vision from the start.


As we began to get more projects and started increasing the team size, we realized that we needed some type of employee management or time management software to help us manage our team and eventually help other businesses like us who were looking for something similar. So we started to put together a plan and eventually started designing and building the application.
At the same time, we were still continuing with servicing our clients, both current and new, which sometimes delayed us in the development of the application.


Ok, it delayed us a lot.


Lesson #1: If you want to stick to a development plan, keep outside distractions away!


Eventually, we began to get increasingly busy with our clients that we had to “trash” our time management application all together.


However, don’t grab the tissues just yet. Since we began to get so busy with our clients, this gave us another idea for a new application that we will be able to utilize in-house to help streamline our web development operations.


This is where we created WebMaaSter – an online website design and ordering system to give our clients the ability to select from a website theme and customize it based on their business. (And this time, we implemented a new project management method so we were able to complete the application with minimal distractions!)


With the use of WebMaaSter, we were able to give our clients a more hands-on approach to designing their site without losing the customization that we apply to all of our clients based on their business to make sure we are creating something that is going to lead to real results.


Since we loved using WebMaaSter so much and so did our clients, we decided to take it to market to see how we can help other industries.


And that is where our partnership with the print industry developed.


We approached printers and print franchises with WebMaaSter, because we felt that printers were missing out on a huge potential market. Printers were providing their clients (mainly small to medium sized businesses) with print marketing material but were not able to offer online marketing services which was becoming increasingly more important for any type of business.


We finalized partnerships with the top three print franchises in the industry – Minuteman Press, Kwik Kopy and Print Three. With the use of WebMaaSter, we made it easy for printers to step into the online marketing industry and become a true marketing services provider for their clients.


And we didn’t stop there.


Once WebMaaSter was launched, we knew we had to keep staying ahead of the curve which is why we created our next application – the ProMobilizer – an application that can turn any website into a mobile compatible website to fit on any mobile device.


With the explosion of the mobile world, we received a lot of great feedback on the ProMobilizer because of its ease of use for our users who weren’t ‘tech-saavy’ or programmers. But with using our application, they were able to offer in-demand services to their clients without having to hire additional employees.


Its now 2012 – the year our company decided to take a major risk.


When you start a business, one of the first things you hear is that you have to create a business plan. So I did.


And if you look back at our business plan, you will see the word “franchising” in there. Franchising is something I knew I wanted to do, and well, it was time.


We were approached by one of the most experienced Franchise business people in Canada – Mike Craig. Mike has owned and had senior managerial positions in many well-known franchises including, Manchu Wok, Pizza by the Slice, InnoPak and Winmar to name a few. Mike was excited to get involved in the digital marketing space and saw potential in our experience, offering and brand and joined MaaS Pros as President.


Within 6 months of launching our MaaS Pros Franchising and Licensing division, we became one of the fastest growing digital marketing Franchises/Licenses in the industry. We grew on a global scale with Franchisees across Canada, the UK and Dubai and Licensees across the United States and Australia.


During the launch of our Franchising/Licensing, we had a lot to put in place – training, support and accounting to name a few.


And of course, we needed a proper way to keep things organized and streamlined so our Franchisees/Licensees can focus on selling.


And this is where the idea and development of the ProHub happened.


The ProHub is a centralized application that encompasses a place for our Franchisees/Licensees to access training, log support tickets, request quotes, track projects and more.


The ProHub became our lifesaver and again, we didn’t let anything get in our way to complete it.


As time went on, our Franchisees/Licensees and partners continued to develop their businesses and we continued to build relationships with our clients in all industries.


Eventually, we started to see a natural shift towards software development, more so than creating websites for our clients. We have created some amazing software for our clients in all different industries (read more on the other types of software we have created).


But regardless of the size of the business, the type of industry or service we were providing our clients, we began to see a common trend.


We would get asked constantly for our recommendations on a CRM, Email Marketing software and other applications that will help them grow their business.


So our research and development team began their search for a perfect application that encumbasses everything our clients and partners were looking for.


We took it upon ourselves to try out different applications – you don’t know until you try right?


And so that’s what we did. We tried Base, Pipedrive, InfusionSoft, Social Sprout (to name a few) and although these are all really great products and companies, they just weren’t the right fit for us.


And well, can you guess what came next?


That’s right, we decided to create our own software!


And that my dear readers, is where TieiT came from.

TieiT logo

We wanted an application that our partners and clients were looking for.


An application that didn’t require them to have to log in and out of other applications to market their business.


Our clients would have one application to manage their contacts and leads and another for their email marketing, but the two wouldn’t connect so then they were transferring contacts back and forth and well i’m sure you can imagine the madness!


When we asked one of our team members how he would describe TieiT in one word, he said “orchestra” (and well he did get a few laughs for that) but then afterwards everyone sort of sat back and went “huh, maybe he’s right.”


With TieiT, we were able to capture the many different components that it takes to market a business right – regardless of the industry or size.


And to put it into perspective, you can’t have an orchestra without the flutes.


TieiT creates a synergy among all the different marketing and sales components and uses marketing automation to help you stay on top of your day (to read more on marketing automation, click here).


A lead fills out your website form and you get an email notification. How many times have you forgot to follow up with that lead?


Or, a potential client is close to being ready to buy but wants an estimate from you first. How many times have you created an estimate in Word and spent hours just trying to format the damn thing?


With TieiT, website leads get added to your CRM, emails can automatically be sent, you can design and publish landing pages yourself and send beautiful and professional estimates and invoices to your contacts in your CRM.


marketing automation_tieit

Needless to say, we are very excited about our newest addition to our software family. (Don’t tell the others, but this one might be our favorite).


We are looking forward to hearing more stories from our clients about how they are using TieiT to help their business grow.
If you are interested in checking out TieiT for yourself, give me a call or sign up for a demo.

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