The Newmarket Chamber has partnered with TieiT to give its members an exclusive offer on their all-in-one sales, marketing and business application.

Are you still using different apps to manage your business? One to track your customers, another to do email marketing, trying to juggle posting on social media, AND creating invoices in another system?

Stop wasting your time logging in and out of systems. TieiT was created to keep everything in one place, including your data and your team so you can convert more leads into customers.

TieiT users log in to ONE app to check their email, manage their contacts, do their email marketing, post on social media, invoice customers and more!

Here’s a glimpse into some of the modules that are built-in to TieiT’s platform to help you work smarter and not harder:

  • CRM
  • Deal Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Landing Pages + Web Forms
  • SMS Marketing
  • Invoicing & Estimating
  • And more...

Don't believe us? Read it for yourself!

The automations are a God-send!

I found TieiT’s ease of use and automated features a God-send. I had worked in the typical Salesforce-type CRM environments in the past and loathed them. Sales shouldn’t be data-entry, you simply don’t have too much time in your day. TieiT’s flow made the process quick and easy to learn allowing me to concentrate on talking to customers, not entering information on a computer.
David Haupt | Founder

We have improved team efficiency and sales!

TieiT is an excellent sales and marketing automation platform. I've used it for over a year to efficiently manage all aspects of my business as a franchise advisor and broker from lead generation thru engagement to close. TieiT brings CRM, Sales Management, Analytics, Contact Management and more all together as a single platform. I've tried the rest and TieiT is incomparable with an incredible number of features and functions, is easy to use, and provides excellent support, though rarely needed.
James Stortz | President & CEO
SE Telecom

TieiT has allowed me to work smarter and not harder!

I love that TieiT has allowed me to work smarter and not harder! I have used several different types of CRM’s: Zoho, SalesForce, Constant Contact, MailChimp and Memberzone, but I am absolutely loving TieiT's platform - it is a VERY robust system!
Melanie Paul | Founder
Business Alliance of North Carolina